I am:


A mummy

A daughter

A sister

A friend



A perfectionist


(I know these last two contradict each other…but that’s just the way it is…)

A Virgo

Excited to finally be doing something I love

and I’m left handed.

I hope you like my website, thank you for taking the time to check it out. K x


GWIB profile pic

Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling

I am a qualified Makeup Artist with years of experience and a passion for Photographic and Bridal makeup. I am very particular with my work and enjoy creating the perfect look for you on your special day or putting together the most amazing look for your photography session.  I have just officially stepped into the Hair Styling world and have enjoyed building my skills by learning from the best of the best in the industry and enjoy pushing boundaries and creating new and exciting looks for my clients.


I take great pride in my appearance and I like to help others to present themselves well for all occasions.  Fashion trends are important, but style is timeless.  I would love to makeover your wardrobe to help you create stylish, bold, confident looks all day. Every day.


Should you have any questions or would like to catch up in person, please contact me via the Contact tab.

K x

Was there something in this you liked? Let me know! K x

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