Why I LOVE what I do…

I specialise in Photography and Wedding Makeup and I LOVE what I do.

I love the excitement in everyone’s eyes when I arrive.

I love the atmosphere in the room or unit that the bride and her entourage are getting ready in.

I love the look on the bride’s face when she sees the finished product of my work on her mum or bridesmaids or sisters or friends.

I love the calm that comes over the bride when she sits in the makeup chair.  Although I know she becomes the most nervous while sitting there, because she has finally sat down for more than 20 seconds, there is something special about being with a bride who is about to marry her man.

I love the look on the bride’s face when she sees herself for the first time in the mirror and realises that she is stunning and looks absolutely amazing.  Just by accentuating her best features with makeup, her whole body language changes and she has a confidence and ‘air’ about her that is enough to light up the whole room when she walks in.

I love the look on the father of the bride’s face when he sees his little girl, all dolled up and ready to put her dress on and walk with him, down the aisle.


So often, I get asked if I freak out when there’s lots of faces to do.  I work better under pressure and go into autopilot mode and I ALWAYS allow more time than I need to get the entire bridal party done.  I aim to give the bride and her support group almost an hour once I’m done, to get dressed, have a moment, allow for the photographer to do their job to capture priceless memories, do last minute touch ups for anyone who may need it, adjust any stray bobby pins, straighten dad’s tie, wipe tears, give hugs, stash tissues, tidy up and leave the bride with a hug a wave and a big ‘congratulations and have fun!’.


I LOVE what I do.  I feel so privileged, to be a part of such a special day for many, that will be captured by a photographer and looked back on in years to come.  It’s funny that by ‘giving’ the gift of making someone else feel beautiful, even if just for a day, it makes me feel amazing and so very humbled.







Was there something in this you liked? Let me know! K x

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