Brushes are your Best friend…so you need to take care of them!




Just like a painting, your artwork will only be as good as your brushes. It pays to invest in a good foundation brush that you can rely on. I love Arbonne’s Mineral Powder Brush ($47RRP) to apply my liquid foundation with and whenever I use it on my clients, they always comment on how nice it feels on their skin. It has a round end, which means it is easy for me to use a circular motion to buff the foundation onto my skin.

As I use my brushes almost daily, I wash them weekly, usually on a Friday night when I’m doing my ‘Ultimate Facial’ (if you want to know more about what products I use for that, feel free to message me).

Now I know you love your best friend, however, sharing makeup brushes has its drawbacks. Your skin may not be as oily as theirs, or vice versa, so the oils on their skin may cause yours to break out. Then there’s the issue of blemishes. If either of you have a blemish where the skin has been compromised, there is the potential to share any germs/bacteria with your friend, via the brush. So it’s usually a good rule of thumb to share your cocktail recipes, not your makeup brushes.

When I wash my brushes, I do it with warm water and a little of the Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa Detoxifying Rescue Wash. If the makeup (especially the foundation in the Mineral Brush) is being stubborn, I’ll use a tiny amount of the Re9 Advanced Cleanser, because it is fabulous for dissolving makeup.

After washing them gently in the palm of my hand and using my fingers as somewhat of a washboard, I gently rub them on a dry towel to soak up any excess water and then lie them flat on a towel, with the handle end sitting up on a folded section of the towel, so the bristles are facing downward, so that no water collects in the brush head.

And last but not least, when they are freshly washed and ready to go, I store them in an old mason jar on my dresser for quick easy access in the mornings when I need to do a quick face!

I’d love to see how you store your brushes on your dresser…post a pic in the comments below!

Keep being beautiful.

K xx

Was there something in this you liked? Let me know! K x

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