Makeup Basics 101



5 quick tips to a great base of makeup…

1. Always apply your foundation to clean, hydrated skin.  If I have a special occasion to attend, I cleanse, always exfoliate, tone, moisturise (including eye cream).

2. I always Prime – Primer not only helps to keep your foundation on for the duration of the day, it helps the application of it to go on smoother, minimising any patchy areas.  Make sure you leave it for a minute or two to work its magic on your face before applying your foundation (I usually brush my teeth so I don’t get lipstick all over my toothbrush once I’m done)

3. After applying your liquid foundation, a light dusting of mineral powder helps to set the foundation so it doesn’t shift during the day.  I use a ‘tapping’ action on my face with a large powder brush to apply.

4. To combat midday shine, you can either: a) spritz your face with a spray toner (I use Arbonne’s Re9 Advanced Regenerating Toner spray – no need for cotton balls!), which helps to break down the oils on your face and keep your T-zone hydrated so the skin doesn’t feel as though it needs to produce excess oil; or b) if you prefer a matte finish, you can dust a little pressed powder on to your T-zone.

5. After your busy day is done, make sure you remove all makeup with cleanser and hydrate your skin, as the best canvas to start your day with the next day will be the skin you go to bed in tonight!


I hope that these tips help you bring your ‘A Game’ to your base each and every time you wear makeup.  If you have a hot tip to add, please make sure you list it in the comments!

If you would like a one on one training on how to apply makeup, please contact me via the Contact tab at the top of this page.


Keep being beautiful.


K xx

Was there something in this you liked? Let me know! K x

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